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set stylist on set of Fat Kid Rules The World directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal,  set stylist, #filminWA
grrls on set, Braincandy, educational, production design, #filminWA
Jake Johnson, Safety Not Guaranteed, #filminwa
Steve Balmer, Forbes, editorial, Rick Dahms Photography, views of lake washington, highrise condos


For more than 20 years I've practiced my craft both on set and off.

 I am dedicated to providing exceptional set decoration and design services for print, film, broadcast media and events.

I've also been know to decorate a yacht or two.

Trained on set using a traditional Hasselblad 8x10 format,  I learned to read a viewfinder upside-down and in reverse.  I am a stickler for details and over the years, have trained my eyes to survey entire scenes in an instant.

I've worked on features and short films selected for Sundance, Seattle International Film Festival, SXSW and San Marino International Film Festival. 

I'm crazy for period pieces, detailed environments and textural elements.  My specialities are sets and props but I have many corporate clients that rely on me for wardrobe and grooming as well.

My background in commercial brands and retail marketing taught me the value of meaningful content in every frame for every project.

Whether deceptively graphic or uniquely personal, each visual element must braid together with intent to create the image that illustrates and narrates a story into a unique environment that captivates.


Some of the basics:​

styling and set design

decoration and props

sourcing, buying and fabrication

accounting and managing budgets

building and managing crew


hair and makeup grooming 

graphic design

paint treatments

greenery and floral design

kid wrangling

consulting art department

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